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The Radcliffe Red List

Welcome to the Radcliffe Red List, the free wiki for heritage crafts in the UK

From blacksmithing to basketry, from weaving to wood-turning, we have an incredible range of heritage craft skills in the UK and some of the best craftspeople in the world. But many of these skills are in the hands of an ageing population, and could be extinct within the next five years.

The Heritage Crafts Association has received a generous grant from The Radcliffe Trust to assess the vitality of traditional heritage crafts in the UK. The Radcliffe Red List will identify those crafts which are most at risk.

The assessment of the vitality of each craft – from those of least concern to those which are most endangered – is made with the help of craftspeople, craft organisations, heritage professionals, funding bodies and members of the public who contribute to this wiki (a website which anyone can contribute to). Click here to find out more about the research methodology and the categories of risk.

The Heritage Crafts Association has produced a list of crafts and each craft has its own page in the wiki - but we need your help in adding to our knowledge about these crafts:

  • Are you aware of any crafts or sub-crafts, particularly ones you think are endangered, that are not on the list?
  • Do you have further information to add about a craft?
  • Do you know how many craftspeople there are practising your craft?

Click here to find out how to contribute to the wiki.

Thank you for your help!

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